Finnish integration courses include many useful skills besides language

Finnish Course Fire Safety Training
Fire extinguisher can cause a lot of mess, but outside that is not a problem. In the picture teacher Jussi Seppälä
The integration courses in Suomen Raamattuopisto include many useful skills besides Finnish language. Even though majority of the education is Finnish language is there still space for other activities such as learning culture, history and fuctioning of society.
The last weeks of the semester are here and on May 24 whole Institute had a fire extinguish training by professional trainers.
Finnish Course Putting Out Fires
The fire can be put down by inflammable fire blanket. In the picture our student Milena.
The fire safety is part of the mandatory curriculum for the integration training and now everyone had a little experience of extinguishing the fire by foam extinguisher and by fire blanket under carefully supervised circumstances.
Increasing knowledge of Finnish language, culture, society and practical skills in very heplful.