Finnish Certificate National Profieciency Training Course [YKI]

"You will cope better with the Yki test and you can apply for Finnish citizenship"

In the Bible Institute -Finnish Certificate of National Language Proficiency (YKI) training course, you study Finnish Intensively and diversely for three months. You learn the language by listening. You do lots of grammar exercises. You discuss matters of interest in Finnish. You learn to write Finnish. Different text will no longer scare you.

The YKI training program includes lessons on the Bible, Christianity, History, Social Knowledge, Working Life and Cultural Knowledge. You study with an inspiring and friendly group of students.

The course is in Finnsih Bible Institute, Helsingintie 10, Kauniainen. The school is located near Kauniainen station and it is very easy to come here from Helsinki by local train.

Autumn course 28.8.-29.11.2024

Spring course 7.1.-28.3.2025

Contents of studies

  • you will prepare for the Finnish language National Profieciency test (YKI test) under the guidance of professional teachers 
  • you practice a wide range of different aspects of language skills 
  • you will prepare for the four sub-tests of the YKI test:
         - writing
         - speaking
         - comprehension of the text
         - understanding speech 
  • you learn useful vocabulary and grammar 
  • you get acquainted with the task types of the YKI test. 
  • you get help registering for the YKI test. 

How can I apply for a course?

Based on the application form, you will receive an invitation to an interview and a Finnish language proficiency test.

The entry level requirement for participating in the course is A2.1. and this is tested in the search phase.

How do I finance my studies?

The price of the course is 250 € / month, including teaching, study materials and meals included in the program. You will receive an invoice every month.

You can apply for KELA's study grants or ask the labour Office for the possibility of accepting Finnish language studies as part of your integration plan. If you have an integration plan, we do not charge a course fee. You can also ask about the opportunity to study with labor market support.

What is the General Language Examination or YKI test?

General language exams are language exams for adults. Examinations measure language proficiency in practical situations where an adult has to speak, listen, write or read Finnish.

With a Certificate in Finnish, you can prove your language skills when applying for a job or a place to study. The Yki test intermediate level certificate is also required to obtain Finnish citizenship.

After completing this course, you can take the intermediate or upper level YKI test depending on your entry level. We mainly train in this group for the intermediate level test. You can aim for the following test

9.11.2024 basic, intermediate and top level

More information on the YKI test can be found on the National Board of Education's website:


The Finnish Bible Institute organizes the YKI training ONLY if, by the end of the application period, a sufficient number of students have been accepted to organize the course. We reserve the right to make changes. At the end of the application period, we will notify all those who are accepted if the course is cancelled. You can apply for courses from other organizers at the same time to secure yourself a place to study.

Teacher in charge of the course

Jussi Seppälä

Jussi Seppälä

p.  050 381 4288

Do you want to prepare for the YKI test in nice company? 

  • In the Bible Institute's YKI training course, you study Finnish intensively and in many ways. 
  • The course is grammatically focused, but in addition to grammar, there is a lot of talking and listening in the lessons. 
  • The course deals with vocabulary related to working life, society and theology and practices the exercises of the YKI test. 

For further information, please contact:

Teacher in charge of the course:
Jussi Seppälä

050 381 4288

Finnish language teacher:
Annasara Toivanen

09 5123 9137

Come train for the YKI-test in a friendly environment. Submit your application now!