As a Christian in Finland

"We promise that you will find your new identity in your new home-country."

After training in "As Christian in Finland" language course, you will be able to converse about things that are important to you in Finnish. You will understand how the Finnish society and democracy work. You become an active member of society and find ways of influencing common issues. You will make Finnish friends and you will get familiar to the strangeness of Finnish culture. You will meet a Member of Parliament and visit major cultural sites.

You will learn about the Bible and you understand why the Church is important in Finland. You will find your own place in the church. You will learn about Finnish working life, find a profession of your own interests and know how to apply for a job. You will study in a peaceful and friendly environment, easily accessible by train or bus.

Contents of studies

  • mainly studying Finnish, not a qualification
  • voluntary integration training, simple and clear Finnish as language of instruction
  • full-time study 26 lessons per week during the academic year
  • Computer skills learning and revision
  • social skills, working skills and entrepreneurial education
  • Finnish cultural knowledge and history
  • readiness to vocational studies and working life in Finland
  • a period of working life if the student has a sufficient command of the language
  • guidance in finding a study or work path.
  • visits to cultural sites and key institutions of social life

In "As a Christian in Finland", you will learn Finnish language, culture and the Bible, and you will be encouraged to speak Finnish. Studying takes place in a friendly atmosphere.

At the end of the course, the student's proficiency level varies between A2.2 and B2.2, depending on the level of entry and individual activeness during the course of studies. The language of instruction is plain Finnish and supporting language is English.

Contact hours are 25 hours per week from Monday to Friday. In addition to the Finnish language, you will study computer skills, social skills, working life plus entrepreneurial education, Finnish cultural knowledge and history, Christianity and the Bible. In addition, the course includes a period of familiarization with work life for those who have sufficient Finnish language skills.

The course is in Finnsih Bible Institute, Helsingintie 10, Kauniainen. The school is located near Kauniainen station and it is very easy to come here from Helsinki by local train.

Who is eligible for training?

The course welcomes all who have immigrated to Finland from all over the world, in spite of age or country of origin. You can apply for a study place once you have obtained a residence permit. If this training is approved by the labour office (TE-office) as part of your integration plan, you will not be charged a course fee.

Financing of studies

A student may inquire from the labour office (TE Office) for the possibility of qualifying this one year full-time studies as voluntary integration training.

It is possible for students to apply for KELA study grant as this is full-time studies.

Students may request TE Office's  approval of the course as integration training or self-motivated training supported by the unemployment benefit for an unemployed person.

A student can apply for a study voucher-type of grant from the Finnish Bible Institute. The amount of the grant depends on the student's income.

The course fee is 250 € / month for those living elsewhere. These fees include tuition, study materials, lunch and coffee on school days, as well as entrance fees for study visits. The course fee for a resident of the Bible Institute dormitory is 360 € / month. Rooms are limited.


Applications will be accepted until 27/8/2024, after which vacant places can be inquired. Based on the application, we invite you to an interview and a Finnish language level assessment.


For further information, please contact:

Teacher in charge of the course: Jussi Seppälä

 050 381 4288

Finnish language teacher:
Maria Lyskova

050 4370772

Teacher in charge of the course

Jussi Seppälä

Jussi Seppälä

p.  050 381 4288

After attending the course "As a Christian in Finland":

  • you understand how Finnish society and democracy work
  • as you become an active member of society, you will find ways to influence common issues
  • you will make Finnish friends and the strangeness of Finnish culture will become familiar to you
  • get to know the Bible and you will understand why the Church is important in Finland
  • you will find your place in the church
  • you get to know Finnish work, find a profession that you are interested in, and know how to apply for a job

You will study in a peaceful and friendly environment, easily reached by local train or bus.

The application period for the autumn semester ends on August 27, 2024. Submit your application now!