Learning the Finnish language, culture and history

Finnish Course Students Learningn Finnish History
Great portraits of important figures in Finnish history.

Field trip to the Finnish National Museum

The Finnish language and integration course "As a Christian in Finland" in Finnish Bible Institute (Suomen Raamattuopisto) in Kauniainen includes also educational trips in Helsinki region.

Understanding the Finnish language is important but also history and culture are significant. We visited Finnish National Museum as a part of our course. By the end of semester everyone was able to follow the guided tour in National Museum in Helsinki in easy Finnish.

Learning history besides language offers more understanding and perspective how fast Finland has developed form a poor rural country into a modern well fare state.

Finnish Course Students On Field Trip
The Finnish National Museum has many interesting objects.
Finnish Course Student Kansallismuseo Guide
Finland and Finnish borders have changed a lot during the history. Our guide tells in easy Finnish about that.

Further information about National Museum in English: https://www.kansallismuseo.fi/en/kansallismuseo and in Finnish https://www.kansallismuseo.fi/fi/kansallismuseo