Spring 2023 YKI-training ends

Celebration in the classroom for the YKI students
Principal Marja-Kaarina giving a speech to the students

On Friday March 31, we celebrated the finishing of Spring 2023 YKI-training. The course lasted for three months. In the celebration we had speeches by the principle Marja-Kaarina Marttila, by teachers and by students.

Besides speeches there were also a quiz of Finnish language and culture and of course coffee and cake. YKI-training provides many useful skills and consideralbe help when one prepares for YKI-test (National Certificate of Language Proficency).

Spring 2023 YKI-training was quite a large group, but studying together was fun. Many students decided to continue the studies in the longer course "As a Christian in Finland", though many are heading to a job or to some education to get a degree.

We wish all the best for the students.

Further information about YKI-test, dates, places other information: https://www.oph.fi/en/national-certificates-language-proficiency-yki