Spring celebration

Students dancing and playing
The last day there was also the ending service.

Spring celebrations end the academic year and the semester in the Finnish Bible Institute

Week 22 was the last one of the spring semester 2023. The week included many celebrations and festivities to mark the end of the year-long Finnish language and culture studies.

On Wednesday 31st of May the whole school carneval and celebration was organized outside in the lovely weather. Festivities included program from all the courses in the school from music performances and outdoor activities to traditional row dance and acting tasks. The celebration certainly was fun!

Thursday 1st of June we had a small event to close our own studies in the Finnish Bible institute. The advance in Finnish language has been considerable for many students. Hopefully most of us are continuing the studies or going to work.

Friday 2nd of June concluded the semester in the whole school's spring festival. After the principles speech everyone got their certificate and evaluation about Finnish listening and text comprehension, speech and writing.

The service spoke about the miracle of Pentecost, when God gave the gift of Holy Spirit for the apostles and everyone was able to understand when they proclamed the great deeds of God. So God wants us to be able to understand each other.

After the service and the summer hymn (in Finnish "Suvivirsi") we had festival lunch and cake in the school caffeteria. We wish blessing and all the best for our students.

Students at the school entrance
The semester is ending. Have a good summer!