Three-month-long YKI-training finished for spring

Yki Paatos2024kevat
Most of the students of YKI-training of the sping semester 2024 after sharing the certificates.

Finnish Bible Institute (in Finnish: Suomen Raamattuopisto) organizes many useful courses for immigrants that contain Finnish languge, working life skills, Finnish culture, history and Christianity.

One of these courses is YKI-training, which is a course for preparing for the "YKI-test": that is an abbreviation for National Certificate of Language Proficiency. Passing of the intermediate level of this test is required for obtaining a Finnish citizenship and it also opens doors for many schools.

YKI-training is the Finnish Bible Institute lasts three months and it takes place twice in a year: the Autumn Semester is from September to the end of November and the Spring Semester from January to the end of March.

Due to the Easter holidays, we celebrated the finishing of the YKI-training on the Maudy Thursday 29th of March. The celebration took place by delivering speeches in Finnish prepared by our students, delivering the certificates and roses and of course with coffee and cake prepared by the school's excellent kitchen.

We congratulate all the students of the YKI-training and thank them for the lovely atmosphere in this year's course. All the best for your future lives.

YKI-training for the Spring Semester has now ended, but application period for the YKI-training for Autumn is right now. Send your application now!

Yki2024kevat Kakkua
Traditionally, coffee and cake are offered for the students to celebrate the end of the course.