End of the semester As a Christian in Finland

Almost all of our students were present delivering the certificates and ending festival of the semester.

The spring semester 2024 came to its conclusion 31st of May. Students got their grades and certificates and we celebrated the spring celebration along with whole school. Principal Marja-Kaarina Marttila addressed all the students and teachers along with other staff and wished to everyone great summer holiday and God's blessing.

Even though the summer holiday starts for the students, there are still two week-long Finnish language intensive courses in June.

Some of our students continue their studies further, we wish all the best success for those who start their studies at the University, University of applied sciences or at the vocational school.

Some of the students will continue their Finnish language studies with us when the autumn semester strts at 28th of August in the YKI-training.

This year we had students for various different countries, such as India, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Rwanda, Nepal and Iran.

Some of our students wanted a one last photo of the class in the splendid summer weather.

Our joint spring celebration ended to the traditional Summer hymn (in Finnish: Suvivirsi, hymn 571) which concludes the school year in Finland.

We wish nice and relaxing holiday for everyone!

You can listen to the summer hymn here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXhkAEIqZZk