Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our integration education

Kristittyna Suomessa Fb

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions presented to us:

I do not live in Finland or I do not have a residency. Can I get a visa to study and apply?

Our courses "As a Christian in Finland" and "YKI-training" are Finnish language and integration courses. Courses do not lead to any degree but fall under the liberal adult education and follow the National core curriculum for integration training (if you wish to know more, click here). Therefore it is not possible to obtain the student visa to study with us and we cannot help with that.

If you do not have a residency, enrollment is difficult, because you cannot get any student benefits or social support for the studies. If you are about to get the residency, you can apply.

I would like to take the course. How do I apply and how does the process proceed?

If you want to enter either of the courses, you must first fill the application. Application is found from this site along with the information about the courses "As a Christian in Finland" (you can also click here) and "YKI-training" (you can also click here).

After applying, teacher will contact you either by calling or via e-mail to settle a brief interview to tell about the course and to meet you. Please, notice that due to the summer vocations 14.6.-12.8.2024 the responses may take some time.

How can I fund my studies?

The course fee is 250 euros per month. If you have still your integration period either of the courses can be included to your integration plan. The decision is made by the Work life office (the TE-office). If you want the course to be included, you have to apply and get the agreement both from school and the TE-office. You can also propose this course to your TE-official.

If you do not have an integration plan due to your already log stay in Finland, student visa or other reason that you cannot get it, you should apply the study grant from KELA (apply in English here) for the studies. You will need an acceptance letter to apply. The decision from KELA may take some time, so apply as soon as possible. Please, notice that generally you are not granted study grant if you do already have an unemployment benefit, which is higher than study grant.

If you do not get the support neither from the TE-office nor from KELA, you can apply for study voucher when you are at the school. If you e. g. get a grant of 100 euros monthly, you will only pay for 150 euros monthly. To receive the study voucher you must meet certain conditions and you must have a small income. Besides you must first apply the support form the TE-office and from KELA.

Do I need to participate all the classes?

Participation to all the classes is mandatory. If you do not participate, you cannot learn. Besides we follow the curriculum and you cannot choose the lessons to attend or skip the classes without a proper reason (such as illness, sickness of a child or mandatory official business such as attending to KELA, TE-office or bank).

Can I apply if I am not yet 18 years of age?

If you are under 18 years old i.e. you are a minor, you should generally apply for our course for minors (information: link here; apply: link here). If you are in need of language training, you will study mostly with the courses "As a Christian in Finland" or "YKI-training" depending your language level.