Finnish Courses for Immigrants in Helsinki area

Study opportunities and education for immigrants

As a Christian in Finland

Learn Finnish language, culture and the Bible in a friendly atmosphere. You will be encouraged to speak Finnish and we promise that you will find your new identity in your new home-country.

Students in a classroom

Intensive Finnish Course

In our intensive summer courses you will study the Finnish language in everyday situations. You will do a lot of conversation exercises and learn vocabulary and grammar. You can also repeat what you already know. There are no pre-entry level requirements for the courses.

Finnish Intensive Language course students


In the Finnish Certificate of National Language Proficiency (YKI) training course you study Finnish Intensively and diversely for three months. You learn the language by listening. You do lots of grammar exercises. You discuss matters of interest in Finnish. You learn to write Finnish. Different text will no longer scare you. By completing the course you will cope better with the YKI test and you can apply for Finnish citizenship.

YKI students in a classroom

Path to Work

The Path to Work course is an another opportunity for an unemployed immigrant whose integration period is finished. The education is for unemployed part-time students which do not prevent them from receiving full-time work or doing TE services business.

Path to Work students
Suomen Raamattuopisto rakennus

Finnish Bible Institute

The Finnish Bible institute is an independent Christian organization committed to the Bible and Lutheran recognition. Our purpose is to proclaim the gospel, teach the Bible, provide people with a spiritual home, and to support missionary work. We are located in Kauniainen, in the heart of the Helsinki metropolitan area. The Finnish Bible Institute offers many short courses and events, longer training courses mainly for young people and language and culture courses for immigrants

How to learn Finnish? Here's what our students say.

Kristittyna Suomessa Fb

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our integration education

June 14, 2024

Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our Finnish language and integration education. Check!

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Intensive Finnish language course are on-going in June

June 10, 2024

In June, two week-long Finnish language courses are offered in the Finnish Bible Institute. These intensive courses are concentrated on oral language and listening comprehension.

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End of the semester As a Christian in Finland

June 6, 2024

The semester in the Finnish Bible institute came to the conclusion 31st of May. We had the delivering of the certificates and the final spring celebration. We wish to all the students best luck and God’s blessing. Have a nice summer holiday!

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Learn Finnish language, culture and history

May 21, 2024

The summer is almost here and Finnish language courses are coming to their end. As a part of the Finnish language and integration we also make field trips. This time we visited house and farming museum Glims in Espoo in a beautiful weather.

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We practice other good skills for citizens besides Finnish language. First aid and resuscitation are good to know.

First aid is a skill for every citizen

May 16, 2024

We practice other good skills for citizens besides Finnish language. First aid and resuscitation are good to know. It is always good to know how to handle different situations. As a part of Finnish language and integration education we have always lessons and practice on first aid. The first aid training includes both theory and practice. It is good to know how to give first aid in case of drastic bleeding and unconsciousness or how to perform resuscitation. These useful lessons were held by a professional registered nurse. We thank the district office of Helsinki and Uusimaa of the Finnish Red Cross for borrowing us some of the material and Resusci Anne. Visit the website of Finnish Red Cross:

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Finnish Intensive Language course students

Apply for Finnish intensive courses in June – Application period for Autumn Semester open

May 8, 2024

Application period for intensive Finnish language courses in June is now open. Also application period for Autumn semester is open. Apply now to study in peaceful and warm environment in Kauniainen, easily accessible by local train from Espoo, Helsinki and Kirkkonummi.

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As A Christian In Finland Course Finnish Bible Institute

May Day and Ascension Day: Days Off

April 30, 2024

Intensive learning of Finnish language on our course stops for public holidays: May Day (1st of May) and Ascension Day (this year 9th of May). We wish to everyone very pleasant holidays.

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Haavoittunut Enkeli

Visiting Ateneum, the National Gallery of Finland

April 24, 2024

A part of our Finnish language and integration courses is to get to know the Finnish culture. This time we took a train from Kauniainen to Helsinki with our Finnish course students and went to see the National Gallery Ateneum.

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Yki Paatos2024kevat

Three-month-long YKI-training finished for spring

April 15, 2024

Finnish Bible Institute (Suomen Raamattuopisto) organizes three-month-long Finnish courses for preparing to the National Certificate of Language Proficiency in Finnish, intermediate level. The courses are called YKI-training take place twice a year at spring and autumn semester. Due to the Easter holidays, the YKI-training ended on Maudi Thursday 29th of March. Congratulations for all the students!

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Blessed and peaceful Easter for all!

March 28, 2024

On Maundy Thursday or on Holy Thursday we prepere for Easter holiday. The School will be off from Good Friday to Easter Monday. Blessed and peaceful Easter for all!

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